A rare Native Atlantien that still lives in the Atlanta area, Zachary James Cole grew up in the Bible Belt of the American South. He became a United States Marine in January of 2004 and served on Active Duty until January of 2009. He was deployed to Iraq twice during Operation: Iraqi Freedom. While in the desert conducting convoy security and nighttime security patrols, Zack was overwhelmed with the nearness and love of Christ. He has a love of history, the outdoors as well as an unwavering love of his favorite local sports teams. He earned his M.Div in Theological Studies from Liberty Theological Seminary. Zack is a co-host of the podcast: The Liberty Tree. After coming home from the Marine Corps he found a Church home at Suwannee Station Family Life Church in Suwannee, GA where he now serves as an Associate Pastor. Zack lives in Sugar Hill, GA with his wife and their two sons.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. It still blows me away to think about the liberty we have in Christ, the freedom to live in him because he lived, died, and rose again for us. Thanks for following. I’ll be keeping up with your posts as well. Grace and peace to you, brother.

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  2. Your blog is awesome. I spent 30+ years as a “Christian” trying to become perfect. I never understood God’s Grace until I was 44 years old. Knowing that there is nothing I can do to earn it is so peaceful. Accepting God’s plan for my life was the greatest and simplest thing I’ve ever done. God bless you, and keep the posts coming!

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