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No Longer I

I think I may have said this before but just in case I didn’t, I am an 80’s kid.  I am very nostalgic about the 80’s so I try to use a lot of euphemisms and expressions from the time period as much as possible.  Words like righteous, radical, gnarly, bad (in a good way) often come to mind.  I am also a strong connoisseur or should I say “heavy” connoisseur of movies.  When I think about my childhood and movie trilogies from the 80’s the top three that come to mind in no particular order are


This trilogy had me all like


Since I am all about your joy and God is too, here for your viewing pleasure is probably the greatest and most stressful, exciting, amazing, stupendous, glorious, dog fight assault space battle in all of moviedom.  There is…

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Zachary James Cole

Born in Atlanta, Georgia. Living in Atlanta, GA. Well kinda, in a city NE of Atlanta in Metro Atlanta called Sugar Hill, but everyone close to ITP just says they are from Atlanta. Marine Veteran. Simul Iustus et Peccator. The verse that could best sum my life...Galatians 2:20...I am blown away by the Grace of God. What Jesus did for me just leaves me in awe and in thanksgiving...It was all Him...and the peace that comes with that is I am free to lose everything because I have everything in Christ.

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