If I Were The Devil


If I were the Devil, I would use every possible avenue of approach to distract Christians from the theme, Christ crucified for them, utilizing the following tactics and themes:


  1.  Social justice and love for man without any mention of God’s justice and love via the Cross of Christ. 
  2. Performance driven preaching without any mention of the performance of Christ for them.
  3. Magic tricks, signs and wonders without any mention of the sign of the resurrection of Christ for them.
  4. Moralistic, therapeutic deism. A religion that revolves around the morality of man, man betterfied, a god that might be there without any mention of the morality of Christ counted as their own to take before God; no mention of Christ crucified.
  5. Songs and hymns that sing only about what man promises to do for Christ and not what Christ has done for man.devil-3
  6. Preaching that promises any and all earthly pleasures and treasures, especially the ones that I tempted Christ with without any mention of Christ’s promises let alone the treasure of Christ Himself. 
  7. A focus to follow ones heart and dreams in order to discover their identity without any mention of the reality that their identity is in Christ who has followed them.
  8. To promote the anxiety of the need to share their story of how they got better because of Christ rather than the infatuation with telling Christ’s story, who when they were dead, made them alive.
  9. A Church that identifies a healthy growing church with how many warm bodies are in the pews on any given Sunday rather than a church that every Sunday observes the body and Blood of the Lord in his Supper.
  10. A Church that would rather have 1,000 members present that identify the church as the best fit for them rather than having 12 members who daily rest in the grace of a daily death and resurrection courtesy of Christ’s Cross and Blood. 
  11. A Church that revolves around the Christian rather than a Church that revolves around Christ.pachino-laugh
  12. A congregation who consider themselves blessed that they are not like the sinning riff raff outside instead of a congregation that says “have mercy on me a sinner.”
  13. A Church that prides itself as being a place of righteousness and godliness rather than a house of prayer, a sanctuary of sinners, a place where love abounds.
  14. A people who are ready to move beyond the gospel to more “important things of the faith.”
  15. A people who believe that their ticket to heaven is what they have done for Christ rather than what Christ has done for them.
  16. That the cross of Christ is the password to get into the club and is not needed or at most an assumed afterthought paving the way for more practical, day to day matters to discuss amongst the congregation and it’s services.pachino-3
  17. That God will never give believers more than they can handle instead of the truth that the Law is more than anyone can handle which in turn drives believers to the cross of Christ for their only hope.
  18. The idea that Christ came to make bad people good rather than dead people alive.
  19. That their relationship with God was dependent on them in any way rather than God reconciling his Children to himself.
  20. That God helps those who helps themselves.
  21. That it is not finished until man has done his part in cooperating with the blood of the Son of God.  That the death of God was insufficient to save all by itself and operates more like the igniting of an engine, totally dependent on man’s use of the throttle in order to keep the engine of potential reconciliation, justification, salvation, sanctification, glorification and eternal life running. pachino-5
  22. That they are not as bad as they think they are and that God does not love them as much as they need Him too.
  23. That failing to live a victorious Christian life, failing to follow all the rules will place them back under a curse.
  24. To never let up reminding them of who they are apart from Christ.
  25. That the whole point of Christianity is about man climbing up a ladder in order to get God, hiding the truth that it is about God coming down on to a cross in order to get man.
  26. The idea that they must come up with a fresh new word to share rather than standing on and delivering what God has already said.
  27. To show the culture that they have some relevancy and something to offer so long as what is offered is not Christ crucified for their sins.devil-4
  28. That repentance is not a gift of grace from God but rather a decision totally reliant upon the will of man.
  29. To believe and take the word of every popular self identified Christian speaker as truth for the simple fact that they are attractive, have a positive message, seem to know what they are doing, and have promised increase, favor, blessing, breakthrough, purpose if the listener just performs a certain list of steps.  Very similar to voodoo spells and or “spiritual growth charts.”
  30. To look for breakthrough, victory, temporary healing, favor to happen in their life while failing to observe that their actual breakthrough, victory, everlasting healing and favor was given to them 2,000 years ago when Christ died and rose for them.  
  31. A desire to hear God from any other means, especially via experiences and thoughts, rather than desiring to hear what God has already said in the Bible.
  32. To promote the practice of inserting personal opinions, thoughts or ideas into a Bible passage rather than pulling from a Bible passage what God has actually said in it.
  33. The skill of taking and making any passage in the Bible about the speaker or the listener as the hero of the story rather than showing how any and every passage of the Bible points to Christ as the greatest hero of all.
  34. That Christians ought to be obsessed with holiness and living right at the expense of being obsessed with Christ, whom they have been crucified with.pachino-4

Published by

Zachary James Cole

Born in Atlanta, Georgia. Living in Atlanta, GA. Well kinda, in a city NE of Atlanta in Metro Atlanta called Sugar Hill, but everyone close to ITP just says they are from Atlanta. Marine Veteran. Simul Iustus et Peccator. The verse that could best sum my life...Galatians 2:20...I am blown away by the Grace of God. What Jesus did for me just leaves me in awe and in thanksgiving...It was all Him...and the peace that comes with that is liberating...now I am free to lose everything because I have everything in Christ.

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